Jessie Andrews' Tase Gallery

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I had the chance last month to visit Tase Gallery, located on Melrose Avenue in the thick of Los Angeles. Through the power of Instagram, I had come across the page of designer, model and businesswoman, Jessie Andrews, and immediately I was hooked.

Andrews operates an eclectic range of businesses. One could purchase a timeless set of earrings from Bagatiba, an ethical jewelry line, while piecing it nicely with a pair of Nicola pointed mules and a black, Lilia A-line midi dress from Jeu Illimite. Perhaps a relaxing day at the beach could be spent wearing Basic Swim's bikini in royal blue and fancying up the experience by applying the world's first SPF highlighter by Petiue.

And while it's quite clear that every brand Andrews manages is intentionally curated and tailored to fit a classic, minimalist lifestyle, what makes these brands unique is the way in which consumers may interact with such items. Tase Gallery offers individuals a chance to blend art, community, and retail together in an in-person, immersive experience.

In an appointment-based fashion (at the time) I was able to visit each installation featured at Tase Gallery through a multi-sensory experience. The showcasing of Bagatiba's jewelry line in-person through a DIY handscan set up, to the low white couch centered in the middle of the gallery, provided a beautiful visualization of Andrews essence that offered more depth to my online takeaways.

Tase Gallery recently featured the collective photo exhibition art of Hugo Comte, and will now be focusing on a "Women's Month" of installations between March 5th to March 31st.