A Way to Share Your Post-Covid Plans, New Bucket App On the Rise

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I was scrolling through my Instagram stories and saw a friend repost about the launch of this new app, Bucket. Seeing that it’s generated a moderate level of popularity among several mutuals in the SoCal area, I decided to give the app a download myself. Then I looked to the Instagram account of Trent Wann, the founder and CEO of Bucket. The day of the app’s launch alone, there were over 600 buckets created.

There’s a magnetic energy that swells when I see emerging professionals in my generation unapologetically pursue a vision they’re set on. For Trent (SDSU ‘19) this was a social media interface that allows users to create their very own bucket lists, and exchange “buckets” in a community centered around experiences that individuals seek to pursue, whether achieved or not.

The true charm lies in the willingness to share the intention of a goal and build confidence behind the process itself, rather than the outcome. I identified with Bucket’s mission-oriented design optimization, noting that a growing pattern of a humanistic approach was starting to bleed into tech entrepreneurship.

So, Trent and I became buds.

After 4 years of on-and-off development, Trent and his team finally launched Bucket as 2020 came to a close. Tracing back to its roots, I learned Bucket stemmed from Trent’s appreciation of the banal and mundane, the little moments that made life fulfilling. Through conversations about bucket list ideas with his mom, his post grad life would change as his mother stated,

“I wonder if there’s an app for this.”

With a degree in marketing, Trent had dabbled in several sales and recruitment roles. Yet, he found quickly that the metric for what he wanted to pursue shifted when he realized his entrepreneurial spirit favored community-building rather than finance. I too saw this in our Facetime where Trent transparently detailed his process, including Bucket’s challenges, and was nowhere near gatekeeping his development strategies. It was also oddly comforting to chat with another recent grad freelancer living at home, figuring out next steps.

Perhaps Trent’s generosity comes from the environment he’s surrounded by, including his team. Currently, Bucket is led by Ryan Du as Chief Marketing Officer, Neel Kumar as Chief Technology Officer, Garrett O’Hara as Lead Developer, and Satish Bisa, Developer.

While tech companies are starting to incorporate changes such as removing likes or regulating screen time, Trent states that the industry “is still in the early stages of a digital health movement, with a lot more work to be done.” In a year of remote/hybrid working, the Bucket team is one of growing examples in a workforce generation that complements the person behind the professional. Maybe it’s the beginning of a rise in authentic social media that businesses ought to follow.

In the meantime, I created a very important bucket that I'll need to complete at some point in the future.